About the Club


It all started when…

The Break-Away Bike Club of Kokomo was founded in 1986 to promote the bicycle as not only an excellent form of exercise and commuting, but more importantly, as an avenue to fun and camaraderie. We will welcome all new members with enthusiasm and make them feel that their participation is important to the achievement of our goals. We will also encourage new ideas and new ways of doing things because we realize that this will keep our club strong and successful.

In addition to weekly rides for members and visitors, to support our club expenses we organize three yearly events with entry fees:

  • The first event of the year is the Polar Bear Ride on January 1st. It is a 1 mile to 18 mile ride to kick off the new year! And yes it is usually COLD!

  • Our second ride is the SunStroke 74 and SunRide 7.4. The Sunstroke 74 is a 74 mile ride that takes place on July 4th in conjunction with the Haynes Apperson Sports Festival. The SunRide 7.4 is a 7.4 mile family friendly ride utilizing the new trail system in Kokomo.

  • Finally is the Sizzling Century that takes place annually in August. We offer distances in this event between 40 miles and 100 miles around Howard County.

Every year our club makes a charitable donation to various organizations around our community in order to give back and support the efforts of oth- ers in our community. In years past we have do- nated to the Nickel Plate Trail, Kokomo Rescue Mission, City of Kokomo, Urban Outreach, and Kokomo Education Foundation.